MKM GLOBAL IMPEX is renowned as a prominent Importer and Exporter of a wide variety of timbers. In addition, we are also acknowledged as one of the acclaimed Importer and Supplier of timbers. We are one of the prime importers in South India and we have been dealing with all kinds of hardwoods from the countries like Africa, Malaysia etc., We operate our own saw mills to cut any size of high quality lumbers which is used to produce the Products such as Doors, Windows, Furniture and Wood based Products. We are importing wide variety of tropical hardwoods and sawn sizes which are suitable to the Asian market. We have the finest sawmills and skilled workers, who plan the cutting of the logs as per client's requirements and able to achieve the maximum yield.

MKM GLOBAL IMPEX has been built as a manufacturer of high-quality Wood Products for the Home & Garden. Also, we develop innovative new products to reflect the ever-changing customer demands both domestically and abroad. We provide the necessary resources such as trained personnel, equipment, workspace etc, to ensure that the objectives of the Quality Management System and Customer requirements are met. Encourage prevention activities rather than inspection activities with the aim of enhancing Customer Satisfaction. We offer you a direct sales service in order to give you the flexibility with your partners worlwide.