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Pillow Shaped Charcoal Briquettes


Charcoal Briquettes

Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes are of an extremely high quality and are 100% natural using premium raw materials and continuously testing our Briquettes to ensure consistent quality, throughout all the production processes to get a final high quality product.
Our charcoal Briquettes products feature no toxic chemicals or additives. We offer the only eco-friendly Charcoal Briquettes made from Premium Granulated Coconut Shell Charcoals.

Product Features

100% all natural BBQ Briquettes
Clean and Renewable resource
Environmental Friendly almost no Smoke and Odour
Produced from sustainable natural resources
Long burning time and consistent high heat
clean burning and doesn’t emit any toxic gases
No chemicals are used in the production


Pillow Shaped Charcoal Briquettes

Name Percentage
Fixed Carbon 70 to 75%
Volatile Matter 14 to 18%
Ash 5 to 8 %
Moisture Below 5%
Gross Calorific Value Above 7000 Kcal / Kg
Packing 1Kg, 3Kg, 5 Kg in carton box and 25 Kg Bag
Burning Time Above 3 Hours/Kg
Size 50*50*25 mm